Refund Policy

Below are the Refund Policies for products provided by my +plus leads.

FSBO and Expired Data

For Sale by Owner Data and Expired Data are made available with fully functional trials of the services. Additionally, each product is provided with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee from the start of the subscription.

Neighborhood Data Service

The my +plus leads Neighborhood Data Service provides premium content and usage represents real charges incurred by my +plus leads. Thus, no refunds are made available after subscribing to this services under any circumstances.

Contact Enhance

The Contact Enhance, provides augmented data for requested information. my +plus leads purchases data from premium data providers to ensure the highest quality to our subscribers. If the subscriber is unhappy with the service for any reason, a full return of any money collected will be returned within 14 days from the start of the subscription.

For custom lists submitted to my +plus leads provided outside of the Contact Enhance subscription service, no refunds will be issued.

All requests for refunds will be processed with 7 days of written request to